Bahmni Installation stop at the image

Kindly help. The installation terminates here

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Is this version 0.92? I have the same error like this one on 3 type of bahmni services that use LSB script on systemd. My work around for this was directly edit the init.d files, delete logic structure that contain “su” in the beginning. There’s two in the if block, you should delete the if then block and leave the else one.

This kind of error will repeat on three service of bahmni that use lsb script (openmrs, bahmni-erp-connect, and bahmni reports.

EDITED : Sorry the font was too small that I missread the error. The error was for openerp services. If this was version 0.92, the workaroud for this is to install psycopg2-binary package through pip command. sudo pip install psycopg2-binary

I found this after tracing the journal -xe error on odoo starting process.

If this not for bahmni installation ver 0.92, then forget what I am talking above

Which kind of process of installation are you using. Does Bahmi installation reqiure docker installation. if it does try installation using dockers