Bahmni Forms customization

Hello everyone, we are about to adopt bahmni for some hospitals in Kenya. One thing that we are worried about are the forms where we can arrange fields to appear close to how the physical forms look. My question is this, can bahmni forms allow css, javascript and other HTML tags like tables? We nned to produce those forms closer to what users have been used to. If those are NOT supported, can HTML form entry form be used? or what are the plans to allow that functionality? I really need suggestions and way froward for this. @swathivarkala any idea?

@darius and @bharatak any idea on that

The latest release of Bahmni (0.89) has a WYSIWYG form designer. It doesn’t let you write plain HTML, but it gives you a bit more control over form layout. See Form Builder on the release notes here:

(Further links: description of the design, and implementer’s guide for this feature.)

Bahmni does not support the OpenMRS HTML Form Entry module, and it won’t ever do this natively, because that module relies on server-side generation of forms, and Bahmni is a JS-driven client-side application.

Take a look at the Form Builder and let us know how it suits your needs.

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Is there any possibilty such approches as this will get into form builder? it could bring in more flexibility in managing the layout and the UI in general.