Bahmni for HIV treatment

Has anyone implemented Bahmni/OpenMRS for HIV patient care? Could you share screenshots, stories, experiences, challenges?


Hi Ellen,

Can you explain a bit on HIV Patient Care for us to understand and see if currently Bahmni is being used anywhere in similar lines.

Forms for intake/followup of HIV patients (ie. WHO stages, ART regimen, CD4 test, viral load, ht/wt/BMI, TB co-infection). Reports for missed appointments or PEPFAR.

There was lots of work to expand Bahmni for MDRTB patients. Is anyone using Bahmni for HIV?

Hi Ellen,

So far i haven’t seen any specific HIV Patient Care Implementation of Bahmni, but looking at the features that you have mentioned it seems like HIV Patient Care is also in similar lines with MDRTB Treatment Program Bahmni implementation. Please refer to Bahmni EndTB Features. You can have a look at the demo environments mentioned in Bahmni Wiki.

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Hi @ball,

AFAIK, Bahmni hasn’t been deployed by anyone for HIV specific program & tracking. Do you have a high level writeup somewhere which talks about your needs / how you hope to use Bahmni for tracking HIV patients? That will help us.


Thanks @swathivarkala and @gsluthra. We will send out a writeup of the high-level needs of HIV functionality for us…

Also though - I noticed that in the Bahmni demo instance there are fairly comprehensive HIV Intake and Progress forms. More extensive than what we may need, in some cases. Was this contributed by a Bahmni implementer or did you build this specifically for the demo? Or was this content from a non-Bahmni OpenMRS implementation? These are not exactly what we would need but it would be interesting to us if someone else has used these forms in Bahmni.

Thanks! Dave

Hi @ddesimone, These HIV intake and Progress forms are being used at one of Bahmni Implementation. For our Bahmni demo environment, we have collected some of good templates from the existing implementations and used them here to show the configurability w.r.t different data.