Bahmni file to edit

Hi Bahmni Team,

What must be the content of this file on Centos:


so that

bahmni install can work.


Please refer to this link

Variables should be set as the following : [Name]: [Value]

Hi Zoheir,

Thanks for your reply. I only use 4 variables in my /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml:

  • timezone
  • implementation_name
  • selinux_state
  • bahmni_password_hash

Do I need other more variables for bahmni install to run properly?

Hi @flogo :slight_smile:

The required variables are those with no default value.

in a default installation, the required variables are :

  • timezone
  • implementation_name
  • selinux_state

Hi @zouchine,

This means:

I can even add these variables:

  • openmrs_port: 8050
  • bahmni_reports_port:8051
  • bahmni_lab_ports: 8052
  • bahmni_erp_connect_port: 8053
  • etc… in my /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml


Before setting an additional Variable, check the corresponding description :slight_smile: