Bahmni EMR Encounter saving takes 1.8 Minutes

Bahmni: 0.92:


  1. I am using Bahmni 0.92 and facing issue on Bahmni EMR while saving an encounter with my openMRS MySQL Database .
  2. So far I am using MySQL Version 5.7.30 and I have tried downgrading it to 5.6 version but the issue while saving an encounter still persisted .
  3. While looking deep into the problem I found out that the same Encounter saving was taking only 4 sec when I was using Demo Openmrs Database but with my DB it is taking around 1.8 minutes for the same.
  4. I have 1,60,000 entries in my concept table and I am suspecting that the queries on Concept related tables are taking alot of time which are responsible for this delay while saving an encounter through BahmniEMR.
  5. What is the solution to this problem of time issue and is Bahmni EMR feasible in the cases when Concept data is in large amount?**

What is the value for the setting/global property named? search.caseSensitiveDatabaseStringComparison

The value for search.caseSensitiveDatabaseStringComparison is set as true for now.

Just for troubleshooting purposes, do you experience any improvement if you set it to false and restart openmrs?