Bahmni Document upload truncates to past 50 visits

The Bahmni document upload screen for a patient limits patients to the past 50 visits. We had the need to upload a bunch of documents for a patient, but cannot because of this limitation.

Is this something we would want to fix?

I assume that the screen was built with that limitation as a convenience to have decent UX without spending a lot of dev effort.

I don’t think that uploading documents more than 50 visits ago is a common use case, but if it’s important to your implementation, then I don’t see a reason not to address it.

-Darius (by phone)

I don’t think it is a common use case either. I am trying to find out why they need to do this now, almost 3 years after the actual visit.

The reason why I asked if we want to fix this is because if we hit such a usecase, it is hard to do this manually.

My initial guess is that if they want to do this more than once (versus it truly being a one-off) then doing a hacky workaround for this will take you just as much work as “fixing it right” in the core product.

Basically: if you want to write the code for this in a correct way that doesn’t break UX for the more common case, then it’s perfectly fine to add it in the product.

I might suggest that you’d want to load the list of the first fifty (or less) and provide a “More” button for the next fifty, and so on. Otherwise some installations could take a long time to show the full list – even if you didn’t need to use one of the long-ago encounters.