Bahmni Creation of new modules

hi , I am Harsha currrently pursuing Btech degree in KL university. I have been working on Bahmni since last three months . I had done certain tasks like installation and some customization to it . now we want to add some new modules to the Bahmni . as we are new to this platform so can u Please help us with that

Thanks for your contribution. Did you have a chance of looking at this the is a part of developing a module

Hi @harsha4444,

What are the changes that you have been working on? Can you describe them here?

thanks for the reply @mksd I had sen tu the message regarding the plan

thanks @jwnasambu we will definetly look into it

@harsha4444 you have replied to me in private for some reason, is it ok if I share your message here? IMO there was nothing unworthy of public disclosure.

sorry @mksd . I thougth of just messaging you . I understood the importance and I will share the idea here