Bahmni Connect Progressive web app - URL not found

  1. Bahmni version 0.90 runs fine on the server.
  2. Installed bahmni-connect as mentioned here
  3. bhamniOfflineSync is seen in /opt/openmrs/modules as well as bahmni-event-log-service is running (For which 'had to modify /opt/bahmni-event-log-service/etc/bahmni-event-log-service.conf to correct JAVA_HOME)


  1. The related OpenMRS configuration has also been done

  2. bahmni -i local concat-configs runs without any error followed by bahmni -i local create-connect-artifacts

but <ip>/bahmni-connect gives error URL not found error.

Could this be the reason that Alias for /bahmni-connect is missing from /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf Shouldn’t this be done by install?

After adding Alias /bahmni-connect /var/www/bahmni-connect-apps

it shows


Hopefully it syncs

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Hi @ramashish,

Bahmni connect PWA will not work using IP. You need a domain for this

How do we test it in dev environment?

@ramashish please check this

With IP or with domain name, we are getting “Error during service worker registration: DOMException: Failed to register a ServiceWorker: An SSL certificate error occurred when fetching the script.”

Is it mandatory set SSL?

Hi @ramashish, As @sumanmaity112 mentioned earlier PWA doesn’t work with IP. You need domain name for the IP and that domain should have valid SSL certificates.