Bahmni Clinical/Patient visit page "Null Error"

I am experiencing this error after creating two custom forms. The information of one form shows under the observations tab while the other does not. After removing the second form which is not displayed in the observations tab then the error is gone. I am trying to figure out why the form is creating this error.

Hello @opensolutions . Can you mention the steps to reproduce this ? I tried to reproduce by the following method:

1> created two forms using form builder 2> Started a consultation session and filled out both the forms 3> Navigated to visits-> current visit .

I could not reproduce the error. I could see both the forms under observations.

Hi @opensolutions adding to @abhinab points, can you also share below details,

  1. There must be an API call which has failed thats where you see the red banner on the UI. To share the error details please inspect the Bahmni browser page, and you should be able to see network tab as show in the below screenshot. Please share the failing API call and the response of the API call.
  2. What is the Bahmni version you are on?

I just found the issue. Several concepts in the form in were incorrectly created.

The Fully specified type( Right Atrial(RA) Apical 4 Chamber) was created as “no” in “Preferred in Language” while “RA Area by US.2D” was created as “yes” in preferred in Language" while there was no type selected.

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@opensolutions good to hear that. If i understand correctly you are using OCL to create concepts and importing into Bahmni using OpenMRS subscription module.

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@opensolutions - a few of us just noticed that the screenshot you posted above is of the Dictionary Manager (aka OCL for OpenMRS). This is awesome! We love seeing that this tool is being used by more people. May I ask you:

  • How did you hear about this?
  • How is your experience with the Dictionary Manager so far?

Would love to hear your feedback - feel free to reach out to me directly!

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FWIW: If there is no “type” selected while using the Dictionary Manager UI (as shown above here: image, this is actually fine, because OCL will automatically mark the “type” as “synonym”.

Yes i am using OCL to create the concepts/or import already existing concepts to then importing them into bahmni using OpenMRS subscription Module.

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