Bahmni Apps: Bottom banner on the login screen

Hi Bahmni team,

Our donors demand to be visible on the products that they have funded, and they ask for a banner with all the sponsors logos to be visible when using the application. This holds for both the landing and the login pages. Since we are focused on Bahmni EMR only for now, we have looked in particular at adding a bottom banner image on the login page through the Bahmni config.

Here are our PRs:

Here is an example showing how to set the banner.

Another question: are we allowed to override the “powered by ThoughtWorks” footer? So this one:

If yes then we will also submit PRs to let this be customized via the config, but please, let us know. On the other hand, if some sort of copyright must stay, then perhaps would it more accurate from now on to refer to the Bahmni Coalition?

Cc: @darius, @mksrom, @ouiliam

Regarding "ThoughtWorks … ", I am sure this will be the way going forward very soon. (I would assume Powered by Bahmni will remain). But I will wait till the other things are place. For the PRs, we are merging them.

Regarding the “powered by ThoughtWorks” footer, I will bring up the subject in a #bahmni-pat call.

@manmeet do you think that customising the footer via the Bahmni Config as described above on this thread could also be part of BAH-471 - Bahmni Apps welcome screen UX/UI improvements?

If yes we’ll help you with this of course.

@mksd I want to work on only this banner but i don’t know Bahmni config is the source code.

@manmeet this happened over two commits.

The main commit here, and a second commit improving it here (basically there were layout responsiveness issues with the first commit.)

I would suggest that you study those two commits to understand how the Bahmni Config kicked in, could that work? Feel free to ask questions here or on Slack.