Bahmni 0.92-155 upgrade fails at bahmni-odoo on task Stop Odoo

Hello Bahmni Team,initialy i had installed Bahmni server (Test) 0.92-147 and it was working well though i had challenges on the sync from Elis to EMR, this persisted for long without adequate solution and today i thought i could upgrade it to the latest 0.92-155, in this the installation stopped on Bahmni-Odoo as attached here

and i would really wish to have it installed and running. your postive guidance and response is welcome. Thanks Apuda

@apuda whats going wrong with ELIS->MRS wrong? have you checked the logs?

Regarding odoo error above, can you check whats the version of “Click” & “beautifulsoup4”?

@angshuonline thanks for your response to this issue,i solved this by issuing this command yum install -y bahmni-erp prior to uninstalling bahmni-erp but the lab test request sync from emr to elis takes some little noticeable time and also the patients results are not really displayed on the dashboard only accession time… atomfeed-console is running well… Thanks APUDA

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