Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components

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i look forward to todays meeting! i will check in at 7 pm cest.

Have you scheduled the call with mentors and send the calendar invitations?


Let me know when you check in!

@judeniroshan, i have checked in!

@judeniroshan, here is the repository which has a simple form based on the newly added components to my fork of openmrs-react-components

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@beingtmk Just to clarify on your approach of the outcome of this project: you will have 2 different projects.

  1. Customized create-react-openmrs-app generator
  2. Demo project for above mentioned project
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Here the repository which will contain all of my latest work.

  1. New Components
  2. Examples & Usage of

I am currently in process of refining my previous work and also workin on Drag & Drop Upload Component.

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@judeniroshan, i am actually refining my commits, give me couple of hours and you will see a refined version

@judeniroshan, Meeting today same time? 7pm munich time

yes, I’m available. @mogoodrich will you be able to attend?

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Meeting tomorrow!

time: 7pm CEST

@judeniroshan, I am currently working on a customizable starter kit version of openmrs-react-components, I have created a npm package to test out my findings and a gif to explaing the current status.

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Hi @beingtmk,

Are you already aware about this error?

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@judeniroshan, yes are you trying my example repository?

As mentioned in the Readme you will have to use my fork of openmrs-react-components as the example repository conatins new components

@judeniroshan, @mogoodrich Try this!

create-react-app test-app --scripts-version openmrs-react-scripts

This will create a test-app with openmrs-react-components & its dependencies configured!

Repo for above code:

Corresponding npm package:

I will move my work done until now into this.

I am thinking, i will ask for a terminal argument based on which

  1. either a example-repo (containing documentation)
  2. template with minimal or only required configuration (people can just start coding)

The above npm package is installing from published npm package of openmrs-react-components.

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So i will keep working on the creating the starter kit version of openmrs-react-components.

There will be two types of starter templates:

  1. Example Repository
  2. Minimal Configuration Repository

Also i will move all the work done till now into the Example Repository which could be installed from the corresponding npm package

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Cool @beingtmk! I just created the test-app using create-react-app… looking forward to playing around with it!

Take care, Mark

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This is the final repository, where all my code will reside from now on,

This is based on a fork of create-react-app

there are two branches in this repository

  1. master - provides code for app with Minimal Configuration, which can be run using:

create-react-app test-app --scripts-version openmrs-react-scripts

  1. example - provides code for the example app with Basic Usage/Documentation, which can can run using:

create-react-app test-app --scripts-version openmrs-react-scripts-example