Automatically redirect to registration search after opening a visit

The ‘workflow’ for our registration is pretty straight forward. 100+ patients show up at the clinic and are registered. After every registration there is a new registration, so for us it makes sense to automatically jump back to the search patient page once one registration process is done. currently after starting the visit then user needs to manual jump back to the search screen.

Is there a way to automise this?

We started off with something like this - i.e. to have the patient registration workflow work in a way that, the next steps are always what you want them to be. We were managing 4 things in this way - search, create new, make obs and take printout. The we started making it configurable for each implementation whereby each was using a sub-set of things and slightly different order. This because just too complex and we separated things as following:

  • fixed navigation search, new patient and make obs (if exists, configurable)
  • return navigation, use of print we left to the user
  • but, these are all accessible using one keyboard shortcut. So each users at each implementation develops their own muscle memory and it works out quite fine.

@gurpreet can we get this added to documentation somewhere. didn’t know where so I didn’t.

I see.

Talking about keyboard shortcuts: Is there any additional information about how to use them Searching for shortcut and keyboard didn’t bring up an obvious resource on your wiki.

All our shortcuts use html5 “accesskey” attribute to assign shortcut key. Which means the combination to invoke a shortcut depends on your OS and Browser. For actual combination, please take a look at

We try to underline the alphabet which acts as shortcut for that button. For example, in registration, accesskey for “Create New” button is ‘n’ (which is underlined).

This is a good discussion. I will ensure that the points regarding Navigation and Keyboard shortcuts make it into the wiki. Thanks!

As a reference, documentation link for Shortcuts in Bahmni

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