Audit Log module?

@wyclif, in Bahmni we’re looking into how to add Audit Log functionality (see trello card) and we came across the module.

I see that you release version 1.0, but I can’t find any documentation. (I see a few bullets mentioned in the description of this ticket.)

What’s the status of this module? Is it fully-functional, and is the 1.0 designation meaningful? Do you know if it has been used in production anywhere?

You just need to configure up 1 or 2 GPs to get the module into action, I’ll add this to the read me file, I don’t know anyone using it in production, I would say it’s not 100% ready because it writes the logs to the DB and I believe that table would be extremely large, but you can configure the module to only watch a handful of domain objects that are relevant, therefore that release should have been a 0.1 release.

I don’t suppose there are any instructions or screenshots, or a bullet list of features?

To be honest, I’ve been a little busy lately and I intentionally decided to wait on somebody to show interest in the module to write up the documentation, but it’s not much that is required to configure to get the module working.

When you go to the setting page in the legacyUI, select Auditlog tab, there is about 3 GPs that I think have good descriptions of what they mean.

I’ve updated the README file in github to have some basic documentation.

Thanks Wyclif!

-Darius (by phone)

Hi all,

This functionality is very important in order to make the system compliant with Good Clinical Practice (e.g. example guidelines).

Does this module also record the User who made the changes?

Many thanks in advance

Yes it does record user Id. Please refer to this for details and log example

Have you tried this It does record the user who made the changes.