Attributes for concepts

Hi @jthomas, can we schedule a design call on Monday or Thursday (preferably Monday)? We have a few questions/clarifications before we can start work on it.

Hi @akhilmalhotra there is space on the April 18th design forum for this discussion. See you @4-5pm UTC.

FYI – we spoke on today’s (18-April) design forum. The plan is for ThoughtWorks to do a deep dive on whether they can (a) do this work on master and back-port to 2.0.x & 1.12.x or (b) do the work on 1.12.x and forward-port to 2.0.x & 1.12.x. Backporting is preferable (for OpenMRS). This assumes work can be done before 2.0 & 1.12 are released. If done after 2.0 is released, it could get ugly to release the feature in a pre-2.0 version, since it would “disappear” in 2.0. If the work is done after 1.12 is released, then it could be released as 1.13.

@burke, whats the tentative timeline for 2.0?

Our hope was Q1 2016. Given the beta was just released, Q2 2016 is more likely (i.e., May/June-ish).

We are late on this, as both Akhil and me are out. Can we have the discussion on Monday’s call? (we started doing some work on this)

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@jthomas, what’s our agenda for Monday’s design call (2 May)?

See here →

@angshuonline, Monday is taken. I’m assuming Wednesday design forums would be too late for you, so please work with @jthomas to find an open slot for discussion.

Monday May 9th is booked as well @angshuonline. Do you need to have the discussion before May 16?

Hi everyone,

We have started work on concept attributes.

It would be great if someone can help me to create a wiki page for the user guide at the correct place.

@akhilmalhotra, I would document this as a child page of

(Make sure to mention at the top of the page that this feature is added in OpenMRS Platform 2.0.)

Thanks @darius.

Also, we want to do a WIP session for feedback. Please advise if it should be part of a design call or should we schedule separate call next week.

@jthomas, when is our nearest open Monday design slot? (I don’t think we need the full 60 minutes.)

@darius on Monday we are scheduled to talk about …

@ayeung does not believe this topic with take the full hour though. So we could try to fit both in. @akhilmalhotra will this work for you?

Fits perfectly. Thanks Jamie.

@burke: raised a new topic for the REST contract for attributes for a resource. also updated the call notes. Please let us know.

Otherwise, I think we are almost done with the concept attribute feature, including the webservices rest. Maybe we should a showcase soon? Akhil will also be back next week.

Thanks @angshuonline and team for implementing this. :slight_smile:

For those who want to test this, feel free to access: and

As attributes are added, do they apply to all concepts? Should there be a two step process: add an attribute and then set it? Right now all the attributes are going to appear on all concepts even if they are inappropriate and this might clutter up the edit concept screen. I would segment these off and consider a select/modify UI for optional attributes and the current display method for required attributes…

@akanter: right now, they will appear in the concept add/edit screen for all concepts. I was wondering whether it would be good to have it classified against a particular ‘class’ or for ‘all’. The code has gone to the ‘legacyUI’ module, doing things the old way. I think we should consider this whenever we are redesigning the UI.