Attach documents to patients

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a module to attach documents to a patient.

Things like an x-ray or a lab result paper sheet (scanned) that the patient brings from another hospital/clinic, a photo of a wound or any other document.

Does anyone have seen something like this ? PIH ? Bahmni ?



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Bahmni supports attaching documents. (This is built into the Bahmni EMR UI, so you couldn’t pull it into the reference application UI directly, though you can probably look at the code to see how they’ve done it. Someone on their IRC channel can probably point you to the relevant code.)

Under the hood the OpenMRS API supports “Complex Observations” which are what you’d use for this. The HTML Form Entry module has support for entering these, but according to this ticket it only works in the legacy UI, not in the reference application UI:

Perhaps there’s a quick-fix for that bug. (If not it would be straightforward to add an extension to the UI that lets you upload these, but it might be harder to get them to display properly across the Reference Application without solving the underlying problem.)