Atom Feed Version 2.5.6 needed to run Operation Theater module

We are trying to run Operation Theater module but to run it the system ask for dependencies like Bed Management and Atom Feed modules. We are looking for Atom Feed 2.5.6 with .omod file. Unfortunately we don’t see any other alternative than the version mentioned to fix the issue. Can someone help to resolve the issue? or supplement with the required .omod file greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

Can you share the error message?

Please see the error below: When upload the OT omod file in standalone OpenMRS application. it is not starting automatically. The error as seen

bedmanagement 5.7.0, org.ict4h.openmrs.openmrs-atomfeed 2.5.6 Please install and start these modules first.

Are you able to compile it from here?