Atom Feed Service

Can anyone help me to explain atom feed service from this source?

My questions are:

  1. How to use it? I already have a bahmni running on my localhost, should I just simply point the url from atom feed service to the bahmni url?
  2. Or do I also need to configure the bahmni code to publish event?
  3. How to run it? Can i just simply run the code on my IDE? Or do I need to add the file to my bahmni?

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Whats your intention? This is a specific “adapter” service for processing events (relevant to Clinical/EMR) for the purpose of creating relevant entries in ERP.

I wanted to get the events done in ERP, so that i can pass a message to another app. For example, when a user is registered through ERP, the synchronizer will pass a message to my other app. So that my other app can start to do something.