Atom Feed Module Configuration Question

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: Version: 2.3.0 Build b3ade0

Question: I’m attempting to use the atom feed module to subscribe to specific updates. I’ve successfully installed the module and can access Atom content using a URL like: http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ws/atomfeed/Person/recent The problem is the feed is always empty. I notice that the default configuration for the module has a null feedWriter for each entry – is that the culprit?

Can anyone share a working configuration or direct me to recent/up-to-date documentation on using the module?


Can this be of help

Thanks for the response, Sharif. I found these docs, but do not appear to be up-to-date.

For instance, I don’t believe this module still depends on Event Module and the feed URL provided doesn’t work on my environment.

Did you try fixing it and see what happens?

Yes, I have subsequently tried changing the value to “default”, “Default”, and “DefaultFeedWriter”. Finally, it appears that setting it to “atomfeed.DefaultFeedWriter2_0” appears to generate entries in the feed.

This is encouraging, but sans documentation I’m not entirely sure if I am missing other configuration values, etc.


Hi @joshdcollins

I was going through the atomfeed module lately. As you mentioned, yes, it doesn’t depend on the events module. It has, it’s own hibernate interceptor.

And where are you setting the feedwriter value in the Eventmanager?

If so, it enabled API 1.9 and API 2.0 fee writers in the module.

I don’t get amazed when It works with “atomfeed.DefaultFeedWriter2_0”. Because it is the feedwriter API 2.0 spring component annotation name used in the module.

Am sure there is some misconfiguration