Article: Tips for doing retrospectives

We’ve been doing Agile-like methodologies for a few years now in the OpenMRS project, and at times have done retrospectives to review how things like sprints went. (At some points we’ve been better at doing these than others.)

Here’s a new article from Atlassian on how they do retrospectives:

What do you think about their tips? Would they be beneficial for OpenMRS? What might we do differently? Reply to this topic and share your opinions.

Hey @michael nice article!

One of the best agilists that I ever met, Paulo Caroli, wrote an entire book about retrospectives. There are plenty of exercises to use in retrospectives, each exercise has a goal and can extract different kind of data, It is interesting to play around with these exercises. I´ve been using them recently in my current project successfully.

It is important to mention that´s pretty important to change exercises often or people can get bored very quickly.

That´s the link for the ebook:

Hope that helps :smile:

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Cool e-book @marioareias, thanks! @burke it might be interesting to see if people would like to have a developers forum to discuss retrospectives and reviewing our work. We could share some of these items ahead of time so people might come with ideas. :slight_smile: