Article: 3 tips for web devs after 2 weeks of painfully slow internet

Three takeaways for web developers after two weeks of painfully slow internet

Someone sent me a link to this article today. I know many people here in the OpenMRS Community struggle with slow internet, and even more of our users & customers deal with it every day. So I found the tips rather interesting things to keep in mind as we think about our software design (both specifically for OpenMRS and generally).

When we went to Hungary during the Christmas period last year I bought a 1GB data plan on a prepaid card. However, soon after I went online with my laptop the entire data allowance was used up. Strangely, I wasn’t able to add another data package. Instead, T-Mobile limited my internet access to 32kbps till the end of the month.

Since there was no easy way to fix it and I had nothing critical to do I decided to embrace the situation as an opportunity to understand how it feels to be on a slow network most of the time. I had already started reading the book Responsible Responsive Design at that time anyway so I was curious.

I learned a lot from this first-hand experience. […] Here’s the three most important things that I became aware of during this time as a web developer.