Are these features available in appointment schedule ?

At one of my implementations, they have two asks in appointment schedule:

  1. does the system automatically reschedule when there is an overlap appointment due to a patient who walked in for an emergency appointment and the reschedule time is by the time blocked for this overlap appointment? (I haven’t seen this in Bahmni yet)
  2. can an sms be sent to a patient at the beginning or during the day about their scheduled appointment. Currently they have to physically call each patient to confirm their appointment or let them no change in the time.

Could you please confirm on these features in Bahmni, if not what’s the suggestion to go about the two asks

Hi @jayasri,

  1. I am not sure I understood what you are asking. Can you please elaborate? But we do not have any automatic scheduling in Bahmni. We only throw a warning when there are overlapping appointments for a patient.
  2. Not currently. But it would be a good feature to have in Bahmni. We would be glad if you/your implementation is willing to build this and contribute back. We could collaborate on the design and the solutioning.

By the way, can you tell us a little about where this current implementation is being done?

Thanks Sruti.

Yes, bahmni allows overlap appointment. The point here is when there is walk in appointment due to emergency the other appointments that have already been scheduled have to be rescheduled right. Hence was checking if there is auto rescheduling of appointments when there is overlap.

Sms is currently a nice to have feature. Will connect with you offline.