Are Programs the way to go and, if so, ...

Should we be managing treatment by setting up treatment programs - for instance for each of the chronic non-communicable diseases, or for TB, or HIV, or even to manage a pregnancy from start to end?

If yes, I would assume that these Programs are set up in openMRS. Could someone please then walk me through the process as all attempts have failed so far.

If no, what would the better alternative be?

Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

It depends upon the use-case if using programs is the right approach or not. You can use programs to track the stage the patient is in. Its a good idea to use it for diseases like HIV and conditions like Pregnancy but I’m skeptical about using this for Diabetes unless you are running specialty clinics to actively follow up on these patients. So its subjective to say whether you should use it or not.

For setting up programs, please follow this link.