Arabic character support

Hello, How can I adjust OpenMRS to accept Arabic character? Thank you

Are you asking for something like this? Registering patients' names in Arabic

Yes I am looking for this solution but, I searched for server.xml it not found on bahmni centos server. can you help? I would like to add patient name in Arabic, software refuse to save. I tested OpenMRS online demo and it accept Arabic patient name and also I can search for Arabic name.

Why bahmni does not support this? Thank you for your support

Can you share a screenshot of what your patient registration page looks like?

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Hello, Any one help please :slight_smile:

@georgetawfik, I think you would need to deactivate the format restriction in your own Bahmni Config.

See how this is set in the default-config:

As you can see, only roman characters are accepted.

Removing those lines should fix your issue.

Thank you so much for your reply. I removed those line, when click on save it shows this error now :frowning:

[‘Patient#null’ failed to validate with reason: names[0].givenName: GivenName.invalid, names[0].familyName: FamilyName.invalid]

From this Talk thread:

It seems that you would need to also update or remove the value of the patient.nameValidationRegex global property in OpenMRS. See the Bahmni doc.

Could you try that too?