AppointmentTimeSlot Problem Through API.

**Application Name:**openmrs reference application Version Number: 2.5

Question: I am trying to create appointment slot through openmrs.It worked fine through Interface but didn’t available to me through Rest API. Steps: 1.First I created the appointmentBlock. 2.Second I goes to AppointmentScheduling and Clicked on Scheduled New Appointment and It shows the expected available time slot. 3Problem.It worked fine through interface but that timeslot is not available through Rest API. How can I get that slots which created through interface.

You are free to add the missing REST API to the module.

Thanks for the response.I don’t how timeslot is handling through Rest API.Through openmrs demo It’s clear we provider timeslot length for example and it create timeslots for us.But how I can made this possible through Rest API?

You can create a ticket, describe the problem very clearly, and then look out for volunteers to take it on.

{ “location”: “aff27d58-a15c-49a6-9beb-d30dcfc0c66e”, “startDate”: “2017-08-31T09:00:00.000+0100”, “endDate”: “2017-08-31T17:00:00.000+0100”, “provider”: “f4d6a64f-d996-4367-aa90-559c10db9b91”, “types”: [{ “uuid”: “7dd9ac8e-c436-11e4-a470-82b0ea87e2d8” } ] } I am passing JSON object to create appointmentblockwithtimeslot.It created the appointmentblock but not the same as openmrs does in Demo Application.Somehow we need to pass timeslot length to acheive.How can I pass timeslot length to get the same result as in openmrs Demo?

http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/appointmentscheduling/appointmentblockwithtimeslot?v=full using this Url.