AppointmentSlot is manage through Scheduled Algorithm Does Rest API Support?

After watching the video related to appointment Module.Things clear to me but problem remain unsolved. There are three main things in appointment Module. 1.Appointment Block (A provider scheduled block created between start and End Date) 2.Time Slot (A time slot length that will be created inside the Appointment Block for example 60) 3.duration(duration of appointment type for example neurology duration is 20) In appointment module actually happen is that duration is an input to scheduled algorithm on the basis of duration that many appointment is created in one slot.For example if we have a slot of 60minutes then there will be three appointment type of neurology (20minutes) in that slot.If we try to created 4th one it’s not gonna create that for us.But through Rest API this is not working It seems scheduled algorithm is not working properly with Rest API?Any solution for this.

Do you think you can create a unit test to reproduce the problem you are reporting?