Appointment Types should be built in to referencedemodata module, not referencemetadata module..Anyone has time to work on this issue? because of this issue, the long default list of appointment types cannot be deleted.

this list shows up when making an appointment making it a slow tiring process

If anyone is up for it, it would really help.

Thank you

Have you voted for it? :slight_smile:

@hossam the ticket is ready for testing. I have attached snapshot versions of the referencemetadata and referencedemodata modules for testing.

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I did vote :slight_smile:

I would Imagine that’s not the true set of appointment types.

do you have any time to look into this @hilz041!!!

@k_joseph it is already done. He could try something else like release manager for 2.5 or …

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The desired effect was only achieved by installing the new referencedemodata-1.4.2-SNAPSHOT.omod and the old referencedemodata-1.4.1