Appointment scheduling UI module error.

Hi all,

I am having the below issue on travis ci when it’s trying to build the appointment schedule ui Cannot run program "bower" (in directory "/home/travis/build/openmrs/openmrs-module-appointmentschedulingui/omod/src/main/webapp/resources/scripts"): error=2, No such file or directory

Full error log can be found in here

PR Link

Any idea about the issue

cc @mogoodrich , @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @suthagar23, @mozzy, @herbert24

So the failure is caused by the bower program not being installed on the Travis image, although this seems to have since the first build, so it’s nothing to do with your changes.

In terms of fixing this, there are, I think, two ways forward. The first is just to add:

  - npm install -g bower

to the .travis.yml file. That will at least install bower on the Travis server.

The better, but more complex solution is to apply this patch I’ve made against your PR RA-1592.patch.txt (2.0 KB). What this does is add bower to the devDependencies of the package.json and then change the command executed from just “bower” to “npx bower” (since bower will now be installed locally). This patch has the advantage of running on anyone’s computer as long as they have a version of Node on their machine.

You can apply the patch by downloading it into your openmrs-module-appointmentschedulingui copy and running:

git apply --whitespace=nowarn RA-1592.patch.txt

Hi @ibacher

Yes I was about to use the bower installation in travis as u pointed out.Thanks that resolves the build issue for now .:star_struck::smiley: