appointment scheduling module enhancements

Hello @mogoodrich our use case of the module require us to make use of the appointment_status_history data model to keep a log of the appointment transition from one to status to another.

Can I create a ticket for this and then we can have the discussions here?

Also I have a question concerning how the module handles WALKIN patients ie patients without appointments and new patients??


Sure, that makes sense to me @jecihjoy!

I have on my to do list to review your other pull request and big design thoughts, etc… I am excited to move this forward… today is looking pretty packed, but I’ll make sure I carve out some time tomorrow.

Tomorrow sounds great, we are looking forward to start using the module as soon as possible with the enhancements in place. We appreciate your help on this.

Hi Everyone

Could these enhancements be shared with the Ref or Platform app ? It would be great for us to map a way to get this incorporated. We could schedule a Design forum to discuss?

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@c.antwi the Appointment Scheduling module and Appointment Scheduling UI modules are part of the reference app, so as long as we come up with a consistent design that we can agree on, we can make these enhancements directly to these modules so they will be available to everyone.

Yes, I think having a design call makes sense as well.

Take care, Mark

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Hi Everyone

Could we choose a date from the doodle poll below:

when is the call??

Hi @jecihjoy The call will be on Wednesday April 10th at 6pm UTC, 9pm EAT. Today’s slot has been taken up by the group working on OMRS 3.0 discussions

cc @mogoodrich

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hello @mogoodrich

concerning [AM-195] Ability to query late and early appointments - OpenMRS Issues

I want to achieve something like this, in these UIs

a list of dairly appointments in terms of (missed/has not returned, scheduled for the day and completed/attended appointments of the day.

same report as dairly but for the whole month

defaulter list, list of patients who have not came for the visit at all.

This is how I was planning on doing it:

  1. Dairly

SCHEDULED => status scheduled and timeslot date == date passed by client

COMPLETED => status completed and timeslot date == date passed by client

HAS NOT RETURNED => status missed and date == date passed by client

sample request http://localhost:8900/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/appointmentscheduling/appointmentreporting?status=MISSED&fromDate=2019-01-02&v=full

  1. Monthly report same as daily but timeslot date BETWEEN fromDate and toDate. fromDate and toDate will be provided by the client

sample request: http://localhost:8900/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/appointmentscheduling/appointmentreporting?status=COMPLETED&fromDate=2019-01-01&toDate=2019-03-31&v=full

  1. Defaulter list. Get a list of patients who have not turned up for the visits as per criteria provided by the user. Example:

Minimum Days missing = 1

Maximum Days missing = 10

all appointments whose timeslot date between CURDATE()-10 and CURDATE()-1

ie date >= CURDATE()-10 AND date <= CURADTE()-1

i’ll greatly appreciate your views on this.


Thanks @c.antwi and @jecihjoy I will make sure that I review before the Wednesday call…