App UI Build Failure

@dkayiwa I see that you fixed the App UI build… assumedly with a configuration change to the build plan? What’s the change–I need to fix the PIH build as well.

Thanks, Mark

Yes i switched from Java 6 to 8

Does App UI now require Java 8? Must it?

Yes, this would seem like a bit of a blocker–I confirmed that we are already compiling with Java 7 in our pipeline, so upgrading just to Java 7 doesn’t seem like it would do the trick.

It’s broken again. Can someone please explain what the issue is?

(It builds fine for me locally.)

After responses on this thread, i changed it back to Java 6 and hence the failure. I have just made a followup commit to make it work on Java 6. Hopefully this time it will work. :slight_smile: