API Compatibility between Platform 1.x versions

I’d like to find out if the Platform 1.9 API is compatible with the Platform 1.12 API. Where can I find that out? And can I find out what the differences are, if any?


There are a few breaking changes, but they’re described on this wiki page. If you follow the steps there, you should be able to upgrade from 1.9.x to 1.11.x (or 1.12.x when it’s released) pretty easily.

If you provide us with some more context, we might be able to answer your question more specifically.

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Thanks Pascal, I’m working on the MOTECH OpenMRS module, which is currently written for OpenMRS 1.9. We (MOTECH) have a couple of implementations that will have to be dealing with Bahmni instances. And Bahmni is built on top of OpenMRS 1.12 so some changes may have to be made to our module.


The most significant changes from platform 1.9.x to higher versions is that the order entry API has been completely rewritten.

So, if you are doing anything with orders, you will need to make significant changes. Otherwise, your job will be easier.

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Again as @darius mentioned, you will have to make large changes if you were using orders in your module. We are using orders in Rwanda and are going through the module’s upgrade process etc, we be of support when needed. Thanks

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