Anyone using the PHR module?

Is anyone using the PHR (persoal health record module) - This one or any variant of the same ?

Also is anyone planning to extend their openmrs instance to work as a personal health record ?



Hello Judy,

I am actually working on a variant based on this, the code base is

This will based on a social networking model. It is actually going to be a little specific to some requirements but I have rest services written, that can be used to extend it in a different way.

I’m not sure if you want something working right away but, I can show what I’m working on sometime if you would like to take a look.

That would be great

When would you be available to show me what you are thinking about ?


By the way is it ready for testing ?

its not ready for testing and it’s still in development stages but most of the core functionality is presentable. I might be able to show it on a video call tomorrow afternoon/ Monday anytime?

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Will ping you on Monday Skype?

Yes works for me.

@maurya, This might be interesting to a wider audience. Would you be interested in showing your work either in a developers forum, or perhaps a YouTube video demo that could be posted here?

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That would be great too, I would prefer to do it in a developers forum as it is a work in progress, it wont take longer than 15 minutes.

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Please check with @burke who is the keeper of the schedule; he will fit you in the next available time slot. :smile:

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cool! :+1:

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@maurya, please check with @jthomas. The Platform 2.0 discussion should happen when @maany is available (and I don’t think he’s available next week), so you could probably slide in there. From my perspective, we could fit a 15 min discussion into any of the upcoming dev forums (perhaps except the PIH WIP).

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Heads up. We are going to have a presentation on this on 15th October Developers forum.


It’s been more than a year since last comment on this thread.

Wonder if the PHR Module is ready for production or it’s being implemented or not. Thanks!