Antenatal Care (ANC) or Maternal Child Health (MCH) Forms Wanted

(Andy Watts) #1


We are implementing OpenMRS in Ebonyi State, Nigeria for ANC and MCH. I have seen many references to this type of implementation but have not had success in getting any forms. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Andy Watts

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2

@ssmusoke and @slubwama I suppose ugandaemrs could be having this forms.

(Stephen Senkomago Musoke) #3

Demo site:

Username: manager

Password: Manager123

Steps to access forms:

  1. Select MCH at Login
  2. Search for a patient who is female (these forms are not displayed for males)
  3. Select a past visit and look at the forms
  4. The raw code for the forms is:

(Andy Watts) #4

Thank you so much!

(Andy Watts) #5

Thank you, this is quite helpful!

(Ellen Ball) #6

This OMRS19 Lightning talk shows prenatal forms (intake+followup) and delivery. They are simple.

The code is here:

We use CIEL dictionary but not for every concept, so the forms might not work out-of-the-box.


(Andy Watts) #7

Wow, thanks Ellen. So helpful. I understand about the dictionary.


(Andy Watts) #8


I guess I don’t understand about the dictionary after all. Isn’t the CIEL dictionary part of the Reference Application? But when I search on most of the ANC terms I come up empty.

Also, is it possible to share or import a concept dictionary from another implementation? I didn’t see a way to import a concept dictionary in the admin section.

Thanks, Andy

(Ellen Ball) #9

@andy712 Partners In Health (PIH) does not use the entire CIEL dictionary. I’m not surprised that it won’t work right out of the box. This is unfortunate.

Some history…

  1. The PIH dictionary pre-dates CIEL and has been used since 2006.
  2. The PIH dictionary continues to evolve
  3. As new concepts are needed, we add existing concepts from CIEL or propose new concepts to CIEL. @akanter continues to maintain CIEL and is responsive to additions.
  4. We add new concepts to our dictionary if they are not universally helpful to CIEL and the community (ie. Lisungwi GenXpert Lab, Insurance company in Haiti, etc.)

We expect that OCL will allow PIH to share our collection of concepts in the future. When that happens you will see our concept dictionary and add concepts from our dictionary. If you contact me directly, I can provide access to our PIH dictionary.

In the meantime, we build htmlforms with CIEL mappings when possible; however, you’ll notice many of the forms still have PIH mappings. You will need to replace those mappings to match your dictionary. If there’s a PIH mapping, refer back to the screenshot to figure out the concept required. You can change the mapping for your htmlform to use CIEL or suggest new concepts for CIEL. For example, change Method of delivery (PIH:11663) to CIEL:5630.

(Andrew Kanter) #10

We are totally flexible on determining the minimum concepts necessary with the out of the box Ref App. I can add concepts. Also, with the OCL subscription module, it should be possible to publish a special collection/dictionary which includes Ref Appl functionality plus the ANC forms.

(Andy Watts) #11

@ball and @akanter thank you for your replies. The OCL module sounds promising. I will investigate that.