Announcing Release of Bahmni v0.90

Hi Everyone

We are pleased to announce the release of Bahmni 0.90. Its an exciting release as we finally go live with 2 much-awaited features : Appointment Scheduling Module & the new Forms 2.0, which has a form Builder interface.

The brand new appointment scheduling module is aimed to help users manage the schedules of various services and care providers in a healthcare setting and also to streamline patient loads for those services. It comes with different views including a calendar view, a list view as well as a weekly summary view to better visualize the available and the booked slots. There are filters to find appointments for a particular service, care provider or a status.

The appointment schedule module was built in collaboration with another Bahmni project team in ThoughtWorks, who had similar needs. Doing it in collaboration with the project team, yet with the intent of making this a generalised solution for global needs (we had done extensive user studies before), had its challenges, however it turned out to be very extensible, featureful and helped us releasing this module earlier.

The Form builder, part of the implementer interface, was there in previous releases (0.88 and 0.89), but as experimental versions. This version is a formal release of new Forms 2.0 and Form Builder, now available to be used by implementers on the field. The feature hopes to simplify the process of designing & creating forms in Bahmni. The new React based Forms 2.0 perform better, render well, and provide a component model for others to plug-in their own controls and custom forms.

This is also the first time that Bahmni opened up the QA process to the community. We had a public UAT for over 2 weeks on the QA environments. A big thank you to all who have helped us in this process.

What’s in this release?

  • Appointment Scheduling Module
  • Form Builder
  • New events in Audit Logs
  • Minor Product enhancements
    • CSV Imports now support import of Special characters and Person Attribute of type “date”
    • Users can now upload an existing photograph as a patient profile pic, and not only take pictures from the camera on the device
    • The Last name on the registration page has now been made a configuration and non mandatory
    • White labeling in Bahmni also now supports the extension of the config for introducing a bottom banner on the login page
    • Implementers now will be able to hide specific Program Attributes based on selected Program, so as to ensure only relevant attributes are displayed.
    • We also now support ‘obsIgnoreList’ in the Programs context. Until now it was applicable to the clinical app.
    • Order sets Rules engine will now take the latest Height/Weight on calculations and not just from the second page of registration
    • It is now possible to hide Conditions list from the UI for implementations that choose not to use it.
  • And many more Bug fixes to the issues of version 0.89

Where can I read more about it?

  • Here is the link to the detailed release notes. You will also find documentation and story card links to individual features and fixes in the release notes.
  • Here is the link to Bahmni Wiki, where you will find comprehensive documentation about all the new features and fixes for Bahmni under the Feature Guide, User Guide and the Implementer’s Guide.

Are there videos too?

Yes! We will shortly upload videos for the both the new features on our Youtube channel.

How do I install the latest version of Bahmni?

You will find the installer here. Here are links for Steps to upgrade or perform a fresh installation of 0.90. Make sure you go through the ‘Prerequisites’ and the ‘Known issues’ mentioned in the release notes before installing/upgrading to the new version.

The vagrant box can be found here.

Is there a demo environment?

Our demo environments will have the latest release. The links are as follows 

The login credentials can be found here.

Have any questions, feedback or need help?

Do check out our Medium Blog for interesting videos about our experiences with Bahmni.


Both the demo env upgraded to latest build. Also the direct vagrant box download for Bahmni v0.90 is available here.


Hi All,

The demo videos for Appointment Scheduling and Form builder have been uploaded on the Bahmni Youtube Channel.

Do check them out.