Announcing Our Release Manager for Ref App 2.12!

It’s time to start planning our next Ref App release so that we can get the release done within the next 1-2 months.

Our first step? We’re looking for someone to serve as the Ref App 2.12 Release Manager.

What does it mean to be a Release Manager?

The Release Manager in OpenMRS handles the process of getting code stabilized, packaged and released to the general public. As such, there is no real development associated with being an RM. All the work you have to do is non-coding: planning the release, coordinating people, centralizing information, and being the public voice announcing new stable releases.

What kind of time commitment is needed?

The time requirement varies from week to week, but shouldn’t be more than 4 hours.

Express your interest!

Please let us know if you are interested in this opportunity by replying to this post or sending a PM to me and @grace by Thursday, 22 April.

We usually have a few people who are interested in this role, so @grace and I will get input from people like @burke @dkayiwa @ibacher @k.joseph and the PM Team. We’ll then announce who the Release Manager will be on Talk.

If you are an OpenMRS Fellow and interested in also serving as the Ref App Release Manager, please talk this over with your mentor about how it aligns with your fellowship.


hi @jennifer i write in to express my interest of being a ref app 2.12 release manager


Hi everyone

It’s my pleasure to share that we’ve selected @herbert24 to be our Ref App 2.12 Release Manager!

@herbert24 has done a fabulous job leading our Project Management Team meetings for almost two years now and is no stranger to the Release Manager role. Congrats, @herbert24!


Congs @herbert24 All the best, Ready to help as Release manager Mentor

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congs @herbert24 :+1:

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Congs @herbert24

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