[Announcement] Bahmni Lite Beta 1.0 Release

Hello All,

We are happy to announce the first beta release of Bahmni Lite v1.0. Bahmni LITE is the lightweight distribution of Bahmni that is pre-configured for clinics & small hospitals. It comes out of the box with Bahmni EMR UI, OpenMRS, Reporting and Crater Billing system. It is cloud ready (AWS/Kubernetes/Terraform), docker enabled, fully open source, contains CEIL clinical dictionary and is very secure.

To know what is Bahmni Lite and what are the modules that are packaged with Bahmni lite distribution, please go through this wiki page here.

Online demo of Bahmni Lite v1.0.0 is available on https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/3037757441/Bahmni+Lite+Environments

Bahmni Lite Major Features

This release of Bahmni Lite comprises of:

  1. Dockerized: Fully dockerized version of Bahmni, to install and run Bahmni easily on an OS (Linux/Windows/Mac).
  2. Cloud Ready: AWS & Kubernetes ready, with terraform automation to deploy Bahmni Lite on the cloud, in a secure fashion.
  3. Security: Significant security upgrades and fixes!
  4. Lightweight: Contains Bahmni EMR (running on OpenMRS latest version 2.5.9), Reporting and Crater for Billing/Invoicing.
  5. Pre-configured: Pre-configured with CIEL dictionary containing 50,000+ medical terms with SNOMED, LOINC and ICD-10 mappings, forms, India Essential Drug List and Reports, so that it is ready out-of-the-box for demos and requires minimal configuration to roll out.
  6. Mobile Responsive: Bahmni EMR UI is now mobile responsive for Clinical module, so clinicians on the move can use Bahmni from their mobile/tablets.
  7. Lab Report Upload Module: Comprises of a new Lab Report upload module.
  8. FHIR Support: Provides FHIR APIs to pull data from Bahmni/OpenMRS.
  9. Teleconsultation support using Jitsi.
  10. SMS/Whatzapp/Email support for sending prescriptions or informing patients about Appointments, etc.
  11. Huge number of minor improvements, bug fixes, etc – culminating the efforts of a year long development in Bahmni (2022). For a full list of all Jira issues fixed in this release, see: Jira tickets tagged Bahmni Lite 1.0.

Local Bahmni Lite Setup:

  1. Pre-requisites

    Docker and docker compose needs to be installed for bahmni lite setup.

    For installing docker, docker compose and other docker commands please refer to Running Bahmni on Docker wiki page.

  2. Installation Steps

    Follow this wiki page for installation steps.

    Note: Make sure we checkout the branch to 1.0.0-beta before running docker compose pull command.

   git checkout -b 1.0.0-beta

  1. Known Issues:

Please refer to the below sheet for the list of known issues

Bahmni Lite Release notes

Bahmni Lite 1.0 Release notes link is here.

Let the Bahmni core team know if any feedback through the following channels -

  1. Talk thread : We will use this thread for anything posting relevant to the release - Updates and notifications from the release team, reporting new issues (new JIRA cards only) etc
  2. Slack : #community channel for regular discussions. Please see here for details

NOTE: Bahmni Lite does not contain Odoo or OpenELIS. For customers who use full Bahmni, they will need to wait for Bahmni Standard release, later in the year, which will be packaged for hospitals with Lab & Odoo. The LITE version is for clinics/hospitals who only want EMR & Lightweight Billing (crater). Read more about the differences here. If you wish to try out the current development version of Bahmni Standard, you can still try it from the docker bahmni-standard subfolder.

Kindly reach out to us, in case you find any issues related to installation or any feature released. We would be very happy to help you out.

Thanks & Regards,

Bahmni Core Team

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what version of OpenMRS core is this running on?

Running on OpenMRS latest version 2.5.9 See: OpenMRS - Home

An open demo for the community, of Bahmni Lite features by Dr. Akhil (@akhilmalhotra) is scheduled for Monday, 25-Jan, 5pm IST. More details here: Bahmni Lite Q&A and Demo

Please attend if interested to know more about this major release of Bahmni Lite v1.0.

A virtual free training on running Bahmni Lite with Docker has been organized. If you are interested in attending, please read this: [Announcement] Virtual Training on Running Bahmni using Docker.

This will help you get familiar with Docker/docker-compose and how to bring up Bahmni Lite – running with openmrs, crater, metabase/mart and other related services.

#training #docker #bahmni

Thanks a lot to all those who attended the Bahmni Lite v1.0 Online Demo by @akhilmalhotra. Here are the links for those who couldn’t attend:

  1. Bahmni Lite YouTube Recording Video: Bahmni Lite v1.0 for Clinics and Small Hospitals: An Overview and Demo - YouTube
  2. Presentation Link for Bahmni Lite: Bahmni Lite V1.0 - Cloud Ready and Lightweight version for Clinics and Small hospitals (opensource).pdf - Google Drive

Both the above links are also added to the Bahmni Lite v1.0 Wiki page here: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/3064332289/Bahmni+Lite+-+A+lightweight+opensource+version+of+Bahmni