AngularJS Form Entry project features

Following this conversation we have had with the group of Masters students at the Gothenburg & Chalmers Universities in Sweden, we are glad to announce that they have decided to contribute their efforts in creating a new Form Entry Module based on Angular & angular-formly. We at AMPATH Kenya in an effort to create a point of care (POC) system have already started working towards this direction. Our hope is to use our experience in collaboration with these guys to come up with an elegant easy to use module that can be installed by other application developers using tools like bower.

@burke has already put together a wiki page that describes the purpose of the project. The purpose of this post is to notify the interested parties about the a version 0.1 features page I created. I would like to get views and ideas of the thing we need to support for the initial usable version of the module.

@florencemayo89 and your team please revise and let me know what you think.