Android app error: Server Not Supported

Hi. Am unable to access our openrms server thru android app. I am getting server not supported error – “Server Could not be supported. Change URL address”. I have installed webservice rest package. webservice rest Test in admin page is working. Pls help me

The Android client requires you to be running OpenMRS 2.2 with XForms modules installed.

I have installed the latest version. I have checked in system information from admin page. The following are the details.

OpenMRS Version - 1.11.4 SNAPSHOT Build 513a40

Form Entry App Module 1.1 Reporting 0.9.4 Metadata Sharing 1.1.9 ID Generation 3.2 Allergy UI Module 1.1.2 EMR API Module 1.6 Registration App Module 1.2 HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration Module 1.2 App Framework Module 2.3 Reporting REST 1.4 Reference Metadata Module 2.1.1 Metadata Mapping 1.0.2 OpenMRS UI Framework 3.3.1 Reference Application Module 2.2 Metadata Deploy 1.4 App UI Module 1.3 XForms 4.3.5 HTML Widgets 1.6.8 Serialization Xstream 0.2.7 Registration Core Module 1.1.2 HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS 1.9 Module 1.5 Event Module 2.2.1 Core Apps Module 1.6 Provider Management Module 2.2 Calculation 1.1 Allergy API Module 1.3 HTML Form Entry 2.5 UI Commons Module 1.6 Appointment Scheduling Module 1.3 Rest Web Services 2.11.dae2e2 Data Exchange Module 1.3.1 UI Library Module 2.0.4 Reference Demo Data Module 1.4.1

Can you tell me if i have missed out anything or using older version.