An openmrs database test version containing patient data

Hi all, I have created an openmrs database for my graduation project in which I have added around 40,000 patient information and populated many tables so that the web page can display a lot of patient data. If you have time could you download it and evaluate the quality of the database.

If it is of good quality and you wish to do so, you can use this database whenever you want to test OpenMRS.

The link to the database is below Database Google Play download address

Thanks, Yuxiao Fan

Thanks @a1p1p1998 for sharing!

Did you get a chance to look at this? Demo Data - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

Thank you for the reminder. To be honest I hadn’t noticed them, but some of the data in my database was generated based on project requirements and the demo data was not directly usable. I apologise for not helping you with your testing