An advice for begginners is need to implement in a big hospital in Egypt

Dear great community, you have a very nice effort and a great software, we are a group of doctors (cardiologists) in a big governmental hospital in Egypt with a very limited resources. for years you are trying by our own effort to establish an MRS program at our hospital which will improve our care and our research activity. we are interested in Bahmni as it has all the features which we need especially the integration of the PACS and imaging storage. as a doctors (we have a limited experience in programming languages and networking but I thick above average users) we need the community advice about the following:

  • can we as beginners implement and maintain a big software like this?
  • as our limited resources (we can not use a cloud server) can we implement Bahmni on a local server and allow other hospital computers to connect to the server?

thanks in advance for your valuable advices

Hi @oshouip,

Bahmni can definitely be implemented on a local server on the hospital premises and accessed over LAN by other computers or through Tablets on WIFI. You can refer to the instructions here for installing Bahmni on Fresh CentOS instance. Most of the configurations in Bahmni are straight forward if you are comfortable with Linux or any Unix OS. There is detailed documentation on implementation. There are few configs or changes that require some knowledge of Javascript or Groovy Script. PACS integration may need some dev / implementer help. I would suggest starting with this documentation and trying your hand at implementing Bahmni.