Am failing out on building core

This may be something simple but bare with me. Of recent my pc crushed, am now setting up my dev environment afresh. I setup a server using the OpenMRS-SDK successfully. Now the problem is with building core. I kept core in a different drive, I got it back to my home directory. I did a

git reset --hard upstream/master

just to make sure I revert any careless changes mistakenly made on master branch. I then ran a mvn clean install but then some tests failed. here is the full log

CC @dkayiwa ,@ssmusoke etc…

could you please help me :roll_eyes:


Try remove the space from your folder path and compile again. That is, change “Samuel Tandy” to something like “SamuelTandy” or any other name without spaces.

Thanks @dkayiwa , the problem is resolved :smiley: