Alternative repo to down bahmni packages

Hello @bahmni team, @binduak

I usually have issues when I upgrade my server in Ethiopia. The issue I experience is caused because is black-listed by the Ethiopian ISPs. We used to have another repo ( which I used in this case but this link no longer works.

Are there other repos where I could get these packages? If not, Is it possible to have/create another repo specifically for overcoming this issue?


Hi @jmbabazi, Can you try below URL to download Bahmni RPMs. You can find this URL in List Of Configurable Installation Variables wiki page. Make sure you use the bahmni-installer version that is mentioned in Bahmni Install wiki page as the this repo has many RPM packages for each Bahmni version.

Thanks @binduak, this is working. Would you please publish bahmni-endtb-batch-2.0.1-22.noarch.rpm to

You can download it from github releases