Allow doctor to print lab results from Bahmni

Bahmni: 0.8

Question: Is it possible to allow doctors to print the lab test report? As far as I can see, in openELIS you can generate a lab report, but in Bahmni doctors are only allowed to see the results, and can’t get a “hard copy” of the lab results. How can I allow doctors to print the lab results?

Do you want to print the Lab Results from within EMR (Bahmni UI)?

Printing the lab results is possible in Bahmni. The page where Doctors see the Lab results can be configured to print. Below are the solutions to print the lab results

  1. Patient Dashboard

I configured dashboard to look like below

and the configuration(clinical/dashboard.json) looks like

            "translationKey": "DASHBOARD_TAB_GENERAL_KEY",
            "displayByDefault": true,
            "maxRecentlyViewedPatients": 10,
            "printing": {
            "title": "Bahmni",
            "header": "Certificate",
            "logo": "../images/bahmniLogo.png"
            "sections": {
                "labResults": {
                    "translationKey": "DASHBOARD_TITLE_LAB_RESULTS_KEY",
                    "type": "labOrders",
                    "displayOrder": 10,
                    "displayType": "Full-Page",
                    "dashboardConfig": {
                        "title": null,
                        "numberOfVisits": 1,
                        "showChart": false,
                        "showTable": true,
                        "showDetailsButton": false,
                        "initialAccessionCount": 0,
                        "latestAccessionCount": 1
                    "expandedViewConfig": {
                        "numberOfVisits": 10

Print Page now looks like

  1. Visit Dashboard

Similarly like Patient Dashboard, you can print the visit dashboard

Please refer