Allergy UI vs Allergies UI

@mogoodrich, @dkayiwa, @wyclif, those 2 modules seem to be the same, or am I missing something?

I don’t remember 100%, but I believe so–it may have been misnamed when first uploaded?

One “Helps to start writing OpenMRS modules”, while the other “Provides the user interface for allergies” :slight_smile:

Yes, these should be merged.

-Darius (by phone)

Hey hi darius, Sory I troubled you lot without doing my own research on the issues.

This time I have Added a allergyui module from “” when I go to bahmni localhost/openmrs In Administraion page, when I click the Allergy UI Module -> manage module .

It just show “Hello Superman” as output.

@sunil99k, I’m sorry, I think I need more context about what you’re trying to do.

Could you make a new post in the #software:bahmni category, say what you’re trying to do, and share a screenshot of the error you’re getting? (And also say what you are expecting the output to be.)

hey hi darius, Im not getting any error in that module. It has been installed successfully. when i click on it get output as: -

I want to use that allergy module in bahmni. as it is present in patient page and Bacteriology tab in Consultation dashboard like this:-


Configure the tab (Allergy) in bahmni. for that I have edited /Bahmni/default-config/openmrs/apps/clinical/extension.json file

in that I added this code

“bahmniClinicalConsultationAllergyui”: { “id”: “bahmni.clinical.consultation.allergyui”, “extensionPointId”: “org.bahmni.clinical.consultation.board”, “type”: “link”, “label”: “Allergyui”, “translationKey”:“ALLERGYUI_BOARD_LABEL_KEY”, “url”: “allergyui”, “icon”: “icon-user-md”, “order”: 8, “requiredPrivilege”: “app:clinical:allergyuiTab” }

@sunil99k as far as I know the Allergy UI module does not work in Bahmni. Did you instructions anywhere that suggest it does?