Allergy UI Module

For the Allergy UI Module,

  • when there is no action updated for allergy, the section is leave as blank.
  • when provider confirms there is no known allergy, the section can be updated as “No known allergies”
  • when previously entered allergies are removed, the section becomes “Unknown”.

Question is how “blank” and “unknown” are different here for interpretation? Is there a reason to display “Unknown” instead of leaving it blank?

Blank could mean that either the patient has no known allergies, or the patient may have allergies but are just not entered in the system.

Explicitly stating that there are no known allergies, removes the above ambiguity.

Thanks, @dkayiwa.

“No known allergies” is very clear. However, how should we interpret “blank” and “unknown”? “Unknown” appears once all the previously entered allergies are resolved.

Oh, do you mean that the actual text “blank” gets displayed?

So, if there is no allergy entered ever on a patient record, allergy field is blank (null - no text). :slight_smile:

When a patient record previously had allergies input and later resolved, it would have the texted “unknown”.

Do you mind sharing screenshots? :smile:

Hey, @dkayiwa, I now got it. Actually, without previously entered allergy and removed all previously entered allergies would leave the Allergy section as “unknown”. Thanks!