Aggregate report based on form builder type


I have bahmni version 0.90 My entity formbuilder report (attached) is showing data but when I am generating aggregate report for the same period, it says ‘Data is not available for this date range’. Configuration is shown below:

"Vaccine Count": {
   "name": "Vaccine Given",
   "type": "aggregation",
   "config": {
           "type": "formBuilder",
           "config": {
			"patientAttributes": ["areaoforigin","telephonenumber"],
			"visitAttributes": [],
			"showVisitInfo": true,
			"showProvider": true,
			"formNamesToFilter": ["Visit Form"],
			"conceptNameDisplayFormat": "shortNamePreferred",
			"locationTagsToFilter": [],
			"programsToFilter": [],
			"visitTypesToFilter": []
       "rowGroups": [
       "columnGroups": [
           "Vaccine given"
       "distinctGroups": [
           "Patient Identifier"

Am I missing something?Visit Report.csv (1.4 KB)

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Can you please try writing this aggregation against an canned report, just to ensure that it is configured right.

Hi @swathivarkala

I ran the following query against the database:

Select as Vaccine_given,(select count(*) from openmrs.visit_form where Patient_Count
-> from openmrs.concept_answer ca
-> inner join openmrs.concept_name cn on cn.concept_id=ca.answer_concept and LOCALE_PREFERRED = 1 and voided=0 and locale='en'
-> where ca.concept_id=208 order by;

and got the following output:

| Vaccine_given | Patient_Count |
| M0            |             4 |
| M1            |             2 |
| M6            |             0 |

from the “business analysis” point of view, i think this can mean adding the latest date of the latest vaccination dose, and the expected upcoming vaccination new dose :slight_smile: