AgeCohortDefinition for Age Ranges

@mseaton I would like your advice with regard to the use of age ranges for AgeCohortDefiniton:

  1. 10-19 - minAge 10 and maxAge 19
  2. 20 -24 - minAge 20 - maxAge 24
  3. =25 - minAge 25

The cohorts in 1 and 2 seem to leave out some patients yet 3 works as expected

In another report we used the following age ranges:

  1. 2- < 5yrs - minAge 2, maxAge 4
  2. 5 – 14 yrs - minAge 5, maxAge 14

My question is what is the correct approach for the age ranges.

Thanks in advance

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@ssmusoke, if any patients are left out of the queries that you describe, it is a bug. Can you please try to demonstrate this, either in a failing unit test, on a demo server, or elsewhere? I am not aware of any problems with the AgeCohortDefinition, which is a pretty fundamental building block in reporting that is very widely used.

Thanks, Mike

If this is applied in a dimension, it will sort out the ages between issue

Thanks @ningosi