Admission Form Location

I was creating admission forms for Android Client but came up with an issue… The admitted to spinner has a list of locations apart from IsolationWard and ImpatientWard, so is there any API through which we can fetch the list or it is hardcoded.

@f4ww4z @dkayiwa sir

What are your server connection settings?

I didnt get it sir. I am using the demo.openmrs application which is hosted already.

@rishabhagarwal997 i guess there is an api through which we get the list of locations.
As far as i have seen in the case of android client. I can be wrong but i guess there is an api.

@dkayiwa is there any documentation for all the API available to be used for android client ???

@rishabhagarwal997 The Android client uses OpenMRS’s REST API. You can read about it there. In the default application, Admission locations are those tag with the tag “Admission Location”, similar to how Login Locations are identified by the Android client at present.

@GET(“location?tag=Login%20Location”) This is the API being used to get login location,

So i should create a new API like this : @GET(“location?tag=Admission%20Location”)


That’d be my guess

will cross check after the demo server is back online