Admin UI Sprint - Iteration 2


We had a 2 week sprint to work on the Admin UI module which was iteration 1, it ended about a week ago and there are some tickets that are not yet done, there are 10 unclaimed tickets and we need to have this module ready by the time 2.3 is released because it is now part of the reference application. We will be having iteration 2 of the sprint starting this coming Tuesday the 18th to get the remaining tickets done hopefully. We are looking for developers to volunteer and help us get the tickets done, we are using angular and REST for most of the pages therefore if you are an angular guru or want to polish your skills, this sprint is good fit for you, we also welcome testers to help us test the intended functionality of each completed ticket. You can find more details on the sprint wiki page, feel free to add your name to the list of participants if you intend to join and help. We are looking forward to your contributions.