Admin UI sprint and kick off meeting 2015-07-27


This is a reminder that the sprint is scheduled to start on Monday 27th July, we are planning on having a sprint kick off meeting at 10am EST if we have volunteers by then. We are still looking for volunteers to help us to get the tickets done, we also need someone to volunteer as the product owner. If you wish to learn or polish up your angular skills, this is an ideal sprint for you. If you intend to participate, feel free to add your name to the list of participants on the sprint wiki page or you can let us know and we will add your name to the wiki page. You can find the tickets on the sprint dashboard.



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I might do this…

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I would like to participate.

This will be my first dev activity on openmrs so I will need some help.

Before I assign myself a task can you help me:

With the url of the source on github I should fork

And point to instructions on how to get openmrs running for dev.

James deGraft-Johnson

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This link is a good place to start.

Hi, The QA Team is willing to participate in the sprint. We can manage the functional testing of all tickets put in “In Test” Workflow state. The environment we should test on is devtest02, right? Regards, Tomasz

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The link to the google+ hangout for the sprint kick off meeting is on the sprint wiki page

Mueller, yes you can test from devtest02

Apparently we ended up not having the sprint kick off meeting because there were no attendees but the sprint is underway, i will be available to answer any questions about any ticket for those that have questions or need some sort of clarification. Please remember to add your name to the list of participants if you are participating so that we know how many developers we have.

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@jdegraft and @r0bby thanks for volunteering to participate in the sprint, are you still interested in participating? @tmueller do some QA team members wish to work on the sprint tickets too besides writing tests? As i mentioned earlier, there was no other attendees for the sprint kick off meeting except Daniel and myself, is there any reason why you guys were unable to make the sprint kick off meeting? We just want to know whether the timing was bad or something else that hindered you from attending so that we can make improvements for future sprints. I was also thinking of rescheduling the kick off meeting may be on Tuesday 28th at a designated time, it is useful to have this kick off meeting because we do a dry run through all the tickets so that the participating developers get an idea about what needs to be done for each tickets.

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Yes, I am still wanting to participate. Tomorrow will be fine for a kick-off meeting.

We will make another attempt to have a sprint kick off meeting Tuesday 28th at 10:30 am EDT. It will be held via google+ hangout, i have updated the sprint wiki page to include the link to the google+ hangout, whoever can’t make it, i will upload the recorded video on the wiki page for you to watch later.

I MIGHT – I have a decent number of things on my plate right now :frowning:

It will also be great if we have a complete implementation of any of these management pages, to serve as a pattern that even a newbie can easily follow by looking at the commit. Such an example should also be fully working on devtest01

As i mentioned during the sprint kick off meeting and most of the ticket decriptions, the manage encounter types page is a good implementation of using rest+ angular and should be used as a reference, the only thing that don’t work are retiring and unretiring and encounter type due to a bug in the module and we have a ticket in this sprint to fix that bug.

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